Monkeys and James Bond in Phuket

Leaving Malaysia’s Lankawi island was a bit hard since our days on the island had been great. The ferry leaving Kuah at 9.30 offered a nice ride across the calm waters of the Andaman sea to Thailand and city of Satun.

After a lunch by the ferry terminal ”mr Sudin” showed us to a vehicle heading for Satun central. From there we got on a V.I.P. bus (meaning absolutely nothing but air cond and Thai pop music in far to loud volume), taking us via Krabi to Phuket town and the Phuket Backpacker Hostel at Ronong Road. We were fortunate to get a double room with air cond as well as fan. Fridge and a nice bathroom included. Fantastic staff, clean and comfortable rooms, a 40 ” TV-set with DVD and plenty of other backpackers, sharing there experiences on traveling the Southeastern Asia. We took the staff’s tip on the nearby restaurant, called Naturell, which served absolutely superb food in a faboulus enviroment. The night, spent under the mosquito net, was great too.

Day two in Phuket ment touristic behavour – big time. Starting up with a mini bus taking us to a buddha- combined monkey- combined cave temple. The buddhas were nice and the monkeys great.

From there on we were driven (in the mini bus) to a tiny village by the mangrove’s. Life jackets on and hop on to a ”long tailed boat”, going through one of the most amazing sceneries I’ve ever seen. Steep cliffs diving from the sky into the clear blue sea. And after a while, the well known rip-off-tourist-cliff; more famous as the James Bond cliff (In the Bond film from 1974). This rather small cliff, 20 meters high at its most, and thousands of tourists daily. A mega business indeed.

The day ended – traditionally – with a meal at lovely Naturell restaurant. Over and out for now.

Peder Strandh, Phuket town – Thailand