Off to Southeast Asia

Leaving a snowy Sweden behind and a twelve hours flight later we were in Malaysia. All though it was early in the morning, 6:40 am, the temperature was up at 25 degrees Celcius and humidity high. An authority stamp in the passport and off we went, heading for the KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) Ekspres, taking us down town KL. The train stopped at the central (sentral) after a 30 minute and 30 Ringit trip, and it was time to get our hands on a taxi (teksi).

For ”the bargain” of 20 Ringit Malaysia (RM), sharing the vehicle with a hungarian bloke, we came to our hotel Allson Genesis – situated in the Golden Triangle area at around 9 am. Fortunately enough it was yet possible for us to check in at the early hour.

Both Maria and myself was exhausted after the long flight which probably explains why we emediately fell a sleep – on this wonderfull kingsize bed, in our room equiped with AC – thank God for that!

Seven hours later we woke up, had a shower and got out for a stroll around downtown KL. The afternoon rain had just ended and the streets was soaked. Amazing for northeners like us to see a flora of coconut palmtrees, banana plants and lots and lots more growing alongside the pavements. Majestic Petronas Towers, KL tower and several skyscrapers reaching out for the tropical cloudy sky. All this mixed with the traffic jam and people driving in the wrong directions, lanes (since they refuse to agree on driving on the right side of the road), made an impression on me that I will never forget. Maria has been to India in the late 90’s, so the culture chock was not that brutal to her at it was to me. But I like it in a weird way!

Kind and helpfull people with an easy going lifestyle and having no problem getting around with just speaking English.

We went down to the Central Market area, got ourselves something to eat and after that making our way through KL Chinatown. This was prety much what we had time and strength for at this, our first day in Malaysia.

Peder Strandh, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia